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Stone floor cleaning and restoration

Sandstone can vary in appearance there is a wide range of earthy colours and varying surface finishes, some sandstone is totally flat and smooth and in other cases it is of a riven undulating appearance. If your stone is dull and dirty we can reveal its true colour by giving it a thorough clean and by applying various types of sealant depending on the particular type of sandstone you have.

The type of sandstone will ultimately effect its finished appearance - York sandstone can vary from colourful reds and oranges right down to almost single coloured greys. A coal measure sandstone will be significantly softer than almost any other sandstone. Indian sandstone is particularly colourful and has become a very popular alternative to York stone as its a little cheaper. In addition to this reclaimed York sandstone is becoming more difficult to find now as many of the sources for it have disappeared. Old mills have now been converted or knocked down etc, all of this has pushed up the prices making Indian sandstone a good alternative.

The Pictures below show an old reclaimed York sandstone (on the left) and an Indian sandstone (on the right) they look totally different even though they are both sandstone.


The colour in your stone can be revealed by either using a sub surface impregnator or a low sheen topical. A topical is only suitable if the floor has a DPM or if its a suspended floor fixed to wooden joists. If the floor is laid directly onto earth a breathable seal will be required. The pictures below show a colour enhancing 'matt' look impregnator and a low sheen topical on the right. Both are reclaimed sandstone and still look quite different to each other - another example of the wide variation in colour in sandstone.


Give us a call (01484 686270) with any of your stone floor cleaning problems - we offer free advice. If you would like to email us click here. You could send some photos of your Sandstone floor as a picture speaks a thousand words!

Typical works we carry out on York & Indian Sandstone floors are;

  • Cleaning to reveal the colour your floor used to be when it was laid.
  • Stripping old seals and other contaminents.
  • Sealing using impregnating seals or low sheen topicals.
  • Repairs we offer pointing repairs.