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Victorian tiled floor restoration in Oldham

Another example of a small Victorian tiled floor restoration in Oldham we carried out recently. 

A common feature of the damage found on Victorian tiled floors is sinking & broken tiles in doorways; often this is because there is little real the floor. We removed all of the tiles discarding broken tiles and cut new ones from reclaimed tiles we had in stock. The area under the doorway was dug out and filled to create a new subfloor, so we had a firm base to work from.

As you can see from the pictures once the floor was repaired and cleaned it left a nice floor which will last another 100 years.

For any enquiries about Victorian tiled hallway restoration or just cleaning call Barnside restoration on 01484 686270 or email us

Date Added: 28/08/2016

Victorian geometric tiled floor restoration in Wakefield

We have recently carried out  a Victorian geometric tiled floor restoration in Wakefield - This particlular floor tile was manufactured by Craven Dunnills of Shropshire which are the last genuine Victorian tile manufacturing company left operating in the UK.


The floor itself was not in particularly bad condition - just a few broken and cracked tiles and some damage where a mat well had been inserted at some point. We used reproduction tiles made by the same company which were a very good match for the existing floor tiles. The main issue with this floor was the same issue we always have removing broken or damaged tiles without disturbing the rest of the floor. 

We removed the tiles using a small power tool with a 50mm diamond blade to get the tiles out and then cut down reproduction tiles to fit into the floor. Once the floor was repaired we cleaned it and applied a breathable sealant to protect the floor from staining.

If you have any enquiries relating to Victorian tiled floor restoration in Wakefield please call Barnside restoration on 01484 686270 or email us click here.


Date Added: 07/08/2016

Victorian Minton tiled floor restoration in Leeds

A small Victorian minton tiled floor in Leeds we restored - this floor had water penetrating under an old door which had soaked the lime based and then dried out. This left some large cracks in the floor as the screed dried which caused numerous tiles to become detatched.

We had to dig out a large part of the screed as it was too loose and one side of the crack was higher than the other. Once the a new screed had been inserted and was dry we used a mixture of reclaims and reproductions from Jackfields to replace broken and missing tiles. There are other reproduction tile companies but Jackfields typically have the best colour matches and will also work in a floor based on imperial tile sizes as their tiles match with tiles made in inches.

Alot of time was spent cleaning off any tiles that could be re used and from the edges of the tiles that formed the perimeter of the area to be repaired. If this part of the work is rushed the end result will never be a particularly convincing restoration. This was a fairly small floor but like many before would have been lost if an intervention had not been carried out.

For any enquiries relating to Victorian tile restoration in Leeds of surrounding areas please call Barnside restoration on 01484 686270 or email us click here.

Date Added: 29/07/2016